About the CEO

Eremy Manalo

Is the CEO and FOUNDER of TAI LIMITED, in her 6 years of being a forex trader and a Businesswoman, she oversaw operations and strategic planning that resulted in net profit increases in more than 30% to 350% percent monthly and yearly. Eremy holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Banking and Finance in Central Colleges of the Philippines.

Eremy is very committed to providing a learning environment about forex trading - financial management and raise awareness about internet scam, one that empowers both investors and leader in pursuing learning, and to be aware of internet Scamming – that it is a global problem that has no borders. It’s a unique problem that needs to be addressed in innovative ways.
She devises various assessment strategies that allow her to fairly assess investor’s learning regardless of their learning styles. Above all, she treats her investors with the utmost respect, creating an environment where investors feel safe to candidly discuss topics which they might otherwise be hesitant to address.
She believes investors are best served when they are actively and rigorously engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. A Leader may inspire, but investors should be actively engaged in the learning process for it to be successful. In an effort to give investors greater ownership of the knowledge they encounter, She tries to develop assignments that foster both analytical and critical thinking and opportunities for creative application. Respecting and Supporting a Wide Diversity of Investors Needs While Maintaining Balance and Fairness - The study of communication is, she believes by its very nature, imminently practical; it is practiced and applied by our investors and ourselves on a daily basis. As a result, By showing good communication, concern, and compassion for our investors, and a real enthusiasm for our subject matter we also teach the value of our subject. She strongly values the diversity of learning styles and the unique perspectives.