Walk-A-Thon- An Event To Remember?

The month of MAY will soon to end in few days! Thus, the walk-a-thon event of TAI LIMITED has all been done, an event that investors and employees have been shared in one day! TAI LIMITED MAY EVENTS has been placed from overseas and to 4 parts of Philippines -HongKong, Manila, Quezon Province, Davao Oriental, and Cebu, thanks for those who manage and set the events on the said places :)

Probably you were thinking why this such event has been organized by TAI LIMITED if they are an Investment Company ;) The CEO of TAI LIMITED Ms. Eremy Manalo wants every investor of the company to remember to take care of their health as well. Most of us always thought about how to earn and save for our future and for our daily needs, thus we neglect to think about our health tho. So, she said that what you will do if you get rich then but you won't see your future if your health is at risk, right? This simple event of TAI LIMITED is just a simple reminder of the CEO that she cares for every investor of the company.

So what's next then? Well, obviously this is not the only event that the TAI LIMITED will organize ;) Ms.Eremy Manalo has set a whole year event for the company such as the upcoming Educational Program and Advocacy, Feeding Program, Animal Shelter Program and many more. Indeed! This is really such a very promising company that not only focus on Investment but has the vision to help the other individuals to educate them for the right future.

Additionally, on this coming month of June, a new and exciting Investment Plan will be released that will actually give benefits to those who want to be part of TAI LIMITED. Stay tune for more TAI LIMITED updates ;) Here are some of the images that have been shared with us.


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