We, at Tai Limited, to create impactful awareness on matters regarding life-threatening illnesses. 

If you are passionate about your reason for swimming – supporting a loved one who is ill, or deceased, or helping all the beneficiaries of this special community – people will see that and want to join you.
Or maybe it’s a personal challenge – recovering from a dramatic turn in your life or deciding to take your own health seriously. These are real motivations and your family and friends will sense your passion and join in.

Ask yourself, How did you feel when you made a donation to a special cause? 

think about the many people who are living in fear every day, struggling with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. 
Develop a fundraising plan, inspire your family and friends to assist you in your commitment. Have them join your team. Maybe one can help with pledges, another could be on shore greeting you at the finish line. It’s about creating community and sharing the goodwill you are creating.
“We have the privilege, the capability, the connection, the drive, the sympathy and the morals, and we think that if not us, then who, and if not now, then when?”

We look forward to seeing the further impact it’s going to have in encouraging as many people as possible to experience the benefits of swimming while doing it for a good cause. Swimming is one of the only sports in which people of all abilities and ages can get involved and through Our advocacy - We aim to show this and to encourage everyone to get involved and get active.


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