2nd Getaway Tour| TAI Limited July Event

Pack your stuffs! TAI LIMITED officially set their 2nd getaway tour on July 6-8, 2018. It's a great news for all the investors of the company since it is a no cost at all! Yes, you heard it right -It's a free getaway for TAI LIMITED investors that will surely enjoy the said event at the Sacramento Valley Resort in Tanay Rizal, Philippines.

The getaway tour will also give the investors of TAI Limited to enjoy the learning activities that will be monitor and teach by the company's very own CEO/Founder Ms. Eremy Manalo, along with Mr. Ralph Tambor and Mr. Philip Viloria as guest speaker  who will share their knowledge regarding to trading of forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

 TAI LIMITED is an investment company that also give the benefits for the investors to learn about the FOREX WORLD mostly to filipinos who have been misguided by fraud groups and organisations in the philippines. Thus, TAI LIMITED mission  is to protect the innocent filipino investors who only want to gain extra income for their daily living, adding to it is to enlighten them the difference between REAL FOREX TRADING and SCAM ACTIVITIES that use the forex as their upfront.

Getting back to the story -TAI LIMITED 2nd Getaway will also let the investors to enjoy the beauty of SACRAMENTAL VALLEY RESORT in Tanay Rizal. Lots of surprises will be expected on the said event according to the CEO/FOUNDER Ms.Eremy Manalo, there will be sports activities to let all the investors and employees enjoy the company of each other and to bring a bond relationship for everyone.

Additionally, the 2nd getaway tour isn't the only things to be expected this year. A physical office in Philippines is on the list too! Indeed! This is one of the project that TAI Limited will furnish before the year end -It's really a great news for all the filipino investors of the company.

To learn more about the TAI LIMITED visit their website at https://www.tailtd.com


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