Education is the most powerful tool to.......CHANGE THE WORLD


Let's change the world! Filipino school children in remote areas suffer the lack of something many take for granted.


BACKPACK PROJECT is a collective initiative committed of providing school supplies like pencils, pens, and paper to public elementary school children living in remote and indigenous communities in the Philippines, particularly during back-to-school season. We believe that children must be enrolled at the right age and appropriate grade level to achieve full learning potentials. The first objective was to provide much-needed supplies to students, thereby enabling them to better prepare for the academic challenges they would face in the coming school year. The second objective is to take the financial burden from teachers who used their personal funds to purchase school supplies for needy children.


Our vision is to help create schools where a poor family doesn't have to provide their own educational materials (their earnings are barely enough to buy foods), and over the next fifteen years alter the culture so that education and a better life is a certainty for those who are willing to work for it. Give these children a future, a sense of pride and dignity to make it not so hard for them to be able to accomplish what they should have for their future.


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